Šiuolaikinio šokio asociacija

Koks šokio vaidmuo ateities visuomenėje? Penki Lietuvos šokio lauko atstovai (Lina Puodžiukitė, Giedrė Jankauskienė, Agnietė Lisičkinaitė, Greta Grinevičiūtė ir Goda Giedraitytė) dalinsis patirtimi ir ieškos atsakymų Turku mieste, Suomijoje, vyksiančiame tarptautiniame šokio atstovų suvažiavimeSTRECH TURKU.WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF DANCE – EXPANDING PROFESSIONALISM In October, 17th to 20th, Turku will become the Finnish capital of dance, when 250 contemporary dance professionals from different countries get together to develop the future. Stretch Turku 2019 is a four-day event exploring the position of a dance artist in the midst of the changing society. At the same time, international New Performance Turku Festival will be organized. The festival invites citizens to participate in creating a new folk dance for the future of Turku. What does multiprofessionalism mean in practice and how we should start thinking differently about our skill sets? What does working internationally mean in times of climate change? Climate issues and sustainable development are the common thread of Stretch and the New Performance Turku Festival program. The keynote panel on Saturday 19th, will focus on climate change and actions around it, with Ben Twist from Creative Carbon Scotland as the keynote speaker. The discussion will be followed by workshops with the aim to discover concrete actions and tools Furthermore, the world is changing at the level of cities, their inhabitants and communities. Leyya Mona Tawil, a Palestinian-Syrian dancer and performer based in New York, has been invited to Turku to work on a new kind of folkdance idea with the locals. The outcome is a unique folk dance of Turku City, Turku Future Folk Dance. It will be performed and danced together with Turku people in the city centre on the 19th of October at 5pm. In autumn, during the holiday week, Turku will become the capital of dance, when plenty of dance performances are offered. See the full program: Turku Dance Week ›. See more: Stretch 2019 Turku 17.–20.10.2019 http://www.kedja.net/stretch/ New Performance Turku Festival 18.–20.10.2019 http://newperformance.fi/